Church History

     Antioch Missionary Baptist Church celebrates a very long history that covers 132 years of service to the Kingdom of God in the city of Charlotte. Our church was started by a group of Christians holding prayer meetings from house to house during the years of 1885 and 1886. In 1886, twelve people came together in the home of Mr. J.S. McVay and formed our church under the leadership of the Reverend Pickenpack.

     From 1886 - present, the church has had seven Pastors: Reverend Pickenpack, Rev. S. W. Waddell (40 years), Rev. John B Massey, Rev. G.W. Crosby, Rev. D.F. Moore (41 years), Rev. Preston Pendergrass (25 years), and currently Rev. Donnie R. Garris who accepted the call on January 26, 1997. Under Pastor Garris' leadership, there has been a great increase in the spiritual life, ministry, and membership of our church.

     For a considerable time, the Church worshipped and held meetings under a Brush Arbor when the weather permitted. Later, the Church was granted permission to use a local schoolhouse for its meetings. On November 23, 1885 the Church purchased a tract of land off old Monroe Road that was used for a building and a cemetery. The first building, erected in the year 1900, was possibly destroyed by fire. A second building erected on the same site in 1922 housed the church's activities until the present building was constructed and occupied on September 14, 1975.

     During the tenure of Rev. Pendergrass, the church purchased a parsonage located at 1027 Nancy Drive, which was purchased by Rev. Pendergrass in the late 1980s. On September 14, 1975 Antioch occupied and dedicated its present sanctuary and other facilities. A multi-purpose expansion building, named the P. C. Pendergrass Multi-purpose Building in honor of Rev. Pendergrass was completed and occupied in July 1986. This building, attached to the existing building, houses the administrative offices, kitchen and dining area, choir rooms, a conference room, lounge and other facilities.

     Under Pastor Garris' leadership, there has been a great increase in the spiritual life, ministry and membership of the church. Renovations and beautification were made to the sanctuary and multi-purpose building in 1999.

     Rev. Pendergrass retired on December 31, 1995. He left us with the faith that he preached with zealous conviction for 25½ years as he preceded us in receiving the gift of eternal life. On May 14, 1998, the Antioch Baptist Church family led by Rev. Garris said farewell to a stalwart pastor-leader and gave a final salute to a strong Christian Soldier.

     Rev. Garris’ installation service and activities were held July 11-13, 1997. During his twenty-one years as pastor, there has been a great increase in the spiritual life and membership of the church. Currently the church has 38 active ministries for adults, children and youth, 15 associate ministers, 18 deacons, 23 deaconess, 17 trustees, and about 650 working laity.

     The Lord is showing favor by adding to the church, therefore, more space is needed to house our various ministry needs. Antioch has received a vision from God to build a ministry center. Our vision will provide space for more classrooms built for high-tech and visual learning, office space for current and additional administrative and ministry staff .persons; a larger multi-purpose area for dining and .recreation and other needed facilities. The first phase of our vision will be to beautify the front and add classrooms, an inviting entrance/lobby, and restrooms.

     Antioch is affiliated with the following civic and community organizations in an effort to raise the standards and perception in our community as well as to provide youth in the community with after school and summer school programs: Crossroads Cooperation for Affordable Housing and Community Development, Inc., R.A.I.N. (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network), Greater Grier Heights Community (Antioch, Grier Heights Presbyterian Church, Myers Park Presbyterian Church, and Westminster Presbyterian Church), Charlotte Police Department, Grier Heights Community Organization and other local agencies. In 2010 we housed a summer feeding program for children through the Kennedy Foundation. Since 2012, we have supported the team and mothers of the Urban Eagles Soccer Team.

     Religious affiliations include: General Baptist State Convention and its auxiliaries, Progressive National Baptist convention and its auxiliaries, and the United Missionary Baptist Association and its auxiliaries (as of October 9, 2012). We are involved in foreign mission to Jamaica, and various other local outreach programs and missions.

     The Church Mission Statement is: “Helping Persons to Realize God’s Creative Intent for His or Her Life as designed by God’s Word in the Areas of Worship, Discipleship, Evangelism, Ministry, and Fellowship.” Antioch Missionary Baptist Church celebrates a very long history that covers 133 years of service to the Kingdom of God in the city of Charlotte, NC. We are indeed ‘Exercising Faith and Experiencing God as we “extend our witness” and “respond to God’s ability” to bring more glory to our Father!” 

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