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Message from Our Pastor:


     Perhaps you have been asked these questions: “What is Antioch about and doing as a church in its community? What does Antioch have to offer its members in regards to ministry and service opportunities? If a family were to join Antioch, what is there for them, especially children, to do?”

    Questions like these are asked by those who want to know if Antioch does anything more than have Sunday morning service and receive folks’ tithes and offerings. We at Antioch believe in the traditional five- fold purpose of the church: Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship and Ministry.

    We are serving this present age and fulfilling our calling by being intentional about who we are and what we do. We are aiming to be conscious and deliberate about who we are called to be as Christians and are to do as it relates to the five-fold purposes of our church.  With God’s help and strength, we are believing we will be able to do more to impact Antioch and our community through our many ministries and services! We hope you enjoy and join us!


A Servant- Leader of Jesus Christ

Donnie R. Garris, Pastor   




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