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Christian Education Ministries

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New Members Orientation

Creates a warm and friendly environment for our new members by  helping them begin or continue their walk and works with God and their new Antioch family through fellowship, prayer, praise and the study of  God's Holy Word. 

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Leveling Up Our Learning Adult Bible Engagement

Enhances Antioch family's spiritual growth, maturity, and effectiveness through the study of God's Word and other books. Through our regular study on Wednesday evenings, we are realizing a transformation of our attitudes, actions, and affections. 


Leveling Up Our Learning Children's Bible Engagement

Encourages Bible study and learning in Antioch's youth to promote spiritual growth, understanding, knowledge and appreciation of God's word.

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Leveling Up Our Learning Teen Bible Engagement

Coming Soon!

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Leveling Up Our Learning Young Adult Bible Engagement

Coming Soon!

Church Support Ministries

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Trustee Ministry 

The Antioch Trustees are Christian stewards of the property God has entrusted to the congregation. As effective trustees we maintain the property to ensure that disciple-making ministries are effective and that local legal requirements related to the property are satisfied.

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Finance Team

The Antioch Finance Team manages, oversees, and accurately reports financial records of the church. The Finance Team helps ensure that investments are being used to maintain church mission to spread the Gospel and  fellowship in the house of the Lord. 

Congregational Care Ministries

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Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry seeks to approach God's throne of grace by the power of the Holy Spirit and pray for the many needs of others with special emphasis on Pastor Garris and his family, the entire Antioch Baptist Church family, and all those who enter the doors of our church. This ministry also prays for the lost and unconcerned, all ministries and its leaders, and any other concerns that the Holy Spirit might reveal to the group. 


Deacons Ministry

Servant-leaders who serve others in Jesus’ name as we assist the Pastor in ministering to our membership through prayer, visitation, regular contact, and resourcefulness. The deacons provide service to help meet the needs of the membership (and community) , and assisted with communion, congregational prayer, and visited the sick/shut-in members.


Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess work to serve the congregation and community of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in the areas of Baptism, Communion, Discipleship and fellowship.  The Deaconess assist the Pastor by working with the Deacons in ministering to the needs of the overall congregation—especially to women, children, elderly and those in distress—with loving kindness and sympathy. 

Fellowship Ministries

Heart-to-Heart Married Couples Ministry

Heart-to-Heart Married Couples Ministry

Heart-to-Heart Married Couples ministry works to develop and offer Christian-based fellowship opportunities for married couples with the purpose of encouraging them to establish, re-establish, or strengthen their relationship with God, thereby strengthening their marital, familial and church relationships, in accordance with the mission of the church. 

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Seniors on the Move 

Seniors on the Move is made of souls with a purpose. This ministry is intentional about who they are and what they do. Helping people realize God's intent for their lives through cards and visits to Antioch's sick and shut-ins, taking food when necessary and helping at the Grier Heights Community Center. 

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Men of Christ Ministry

Empowers men to take their rightful place in God's Divine Purpose for their lives and others through service and fellowship.

Revised Sisters In Christ Women's Minist

Sisters in Christ Women's Ministry

Leads women to a significant commitment and understanding of God's purpose as revealed in His word. The Women's ministry creates participation to fulfill women's roles in worship, discipleship, evangelism, ministry and fellowship. 

Multimedia Ministries

Worship Service Media Team (1).png

Worship Media Team

The Worship Media Team is a major part of Sunday Worship Service. The Worship Media Team enhances services through video announcements, PowerPoints, and audio to share our church services and activities with the community.

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Communications Team

The Antioch Communication Team’s mission is to inform, engage, and encourage our congregation and community across the Social Media platforms that Antioch utilizes. Our aim is to increase Antioch’s reach in Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a virtual environment. We strive to present professional and aesthetically pleasing graphics and content on all Social Media Platforms. 

Outreach Ministries

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The mission of the Evangelism ministry is to extend Christian witness through words and deeds into the Grier Heights community, across the city of  Charlotte, and outside our country. The Evangelism ministry works to reach the world with the Gospel. 

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Extra Mile Ministry

The Extra Mile Ministry seeks to be a voice for the meek and a friend to the lonely as they are led by the Holy Spirit. 

Feed My Sheep Ministry

The Feed My Sheep Ministry fulfills the Great Commission of Jesus Christ to "Go feed my sheep" and show compassion to those who are oppressed by serving the body, mind and spirit.

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Senior Missionary Ministry

The Senior Missionary Ministry works to extend His gospel globally to men, women, and youth through educating, equipping, giving, serving and witnessing with the transforming love of Christ; and providing compassionate outreach and care.

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Social Justice Ministry

The Social Justice Ministry works to educate members and the community on the economic, political, and social issues facing communities of color,  in order to reunite and rebuild our community

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Special Ministries and Committees

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Culinary Ministry

Assists the church and leadership for special events by catering to the whole person including the basic physical need for sustencance. 


Pastor's Refreshment Ministry

Strives to keep our Pastor and his family "propped up on every side" in the spirit of love, commitment and Christian attitude to Pastor and his family, knowing that ultimately it is for the service of Jesus Christ. 

Revised Project Excel Ministry Image (1)

Project Excel

Encourages students and promotes educational achievements. Project Excel's mission is to recognize graduates who have completed a specific educational level and to highlight their academic honors, awards and accomplishments. We also award scholarships to active members who are pursuing an undergraduate degree. 

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Black History Committee

The Black History Committee works to assist Antioch in embracing its African-American heritage, while reflecting on God's grace and power that led to freedom, innovation, and strength throughout Black History.

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Pastor's Appreciation Committee

The Pastor's Appreciation Committee was designed to oversee all pastoral appreciation events, including but not limited to Pastor Garris's pastoral anniversaries, birthdays, etc. 

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Homecoming Committee

The Homecoming Committee plans, hosts, and promotes all events for Antioch's annual Church Anniversary and Homecoming celebrations. 


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Breast Cancer Support Group

Offers spiritual and emotional support to patients, survivors, and those affected by breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Support Group keeps Antioch family, community and friends informed about Breast Cancer treatment, prevention and resources available.

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Dementia Support Group

Supports our church members who are caregivers or have lost a loved one to dementia. 

Journey of Hope Ministry (JOHM)

The Journey of Hope Ministry will provide compassionate, confidential, and nonjudgmental care and support to persons grieving the loss of a loved one, or any non-death related loss. We are here to walk alongside you during your journey. You don't have to walk alone.

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Health and Healing Ministry

Directs the congregation's focus to the prevention of disease and illness, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

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R.A.I.N Ministry

The Regional Aids Interfaith Network (R.A.I.N) provides compassionate care through love while helping transform lives by promoting dignity and respect for all touched by HIV/AIDS while and being committed to putting our faith in action.

Worship Ministries

HYMN CHOIR (1).jpg

Hymn Choir

Antioch's traditional choir whose mission is to preserve the old meter hymns and songs of the Black Church.

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Praise Team

The Praise Team creates an atmosphere conducive for worship through multiple styles and genres of music. From Classic Gospel to Modern Worship music, the Praise Team can cover it all.

Band Practice B&W


The mission of our band is to help fulfill our church objective by passionately rendering music that leads, represents, and instructs the congregation in worship.

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Combined Choir

The Combined Choir is made up of various ages and genders that bring glory to God by singing His praises. The Combined Choir performs all styles and genres of music.

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Senior and Junior Ushers Ministry

Members of the Senior Ushers Ministry are souls with a purpose. They are intentional about who we are and what we do. Helping people realize God’s intent for their lives. The Senior Ushers are very active in the community. Cards and visits to our sick and shut-ins, taking food when necessary and helping at the Grier Heights Community Center


Greeters Ministry

Spread God’s love one smile, hug or handshake at a time to everyone who enters our doors.

Youth Ministries

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Heirs 2 The Kingdom (H2K)

Helping youth realize the joys of Christ-centered living through Youth Church, Youth Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and the Performing Arts. 

Ages 5 to 17 years.

Providing Gentle Care and Attention Ever


Provides gentle care and attention to Antioch's small children during in-person, Sunday morning worship services.

 Age newborn to 4 years. 

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